Date: 18 June 2019 to 21 June 2019
Conference location: Valencia (Spain)

The 28th European Conference on Networks and Communications EuCNC was held in Valencia, Spain. This conference was sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society and the European Association for Signal Processing, and supported by the European Commission. In 2019 EuCNC was co-located with the «7th 5G Event» which was last global summit for 5G development and brought together the world 5G industrial associations: 5G-IA, IMT-2020, 5G-Forum, 5G-MF, 5G-Brasil and 5G-Americas.

ULTRAWAVE wwas present at EuCNC2019 with two papers:

  • «Technology for D-band/G-band Ultra Capacity Layer«, Session: «ThC2 – Backhaul and SDR Design». Room 2.
  • «ICT Beyond 5G Cluster: Seven H2020 for Future 5G», Special Session 2 – «Advanced THz Technologies Towards Terabit/s Wireless Communications». Room 1.

The consortium was also disseminating ULTRAWAVE activities through a booth at the conference exhibition (#60).The booth was shared by all the projects of the «ICT Beyond 5G Cluster«.

In addition, ULTRAWAVE coordinator Claudio Paoloni chaired the session «Coding Techniques» (PHY 1) which was held in Room 2 on Wednesday 19 June.

Date: 30 September 2019 to 02 October 2019
Conference location: Dresden (Germany)

The cluster of EC H2020 projects funded in the call ICT-09-2017 “Networking beyond 5G” is organizing the workshop “From Evolution to Revolution – A Roadmap for Beyond 5G” at the IEEE 5G World Forum to be held in Dresden (Germany) from 30 September 2019 to 2 October 2019. The aim of the workshop is to stimulate a collective brainstorming to predict where the 5G revolution is heading, what the technology can achieve and what impact will be on future deployment, economy and society.

Date: 07 March 2019
Conference location: Brussels (Belgium)

The second «Towards THz Communications Workshop», organized by the ICT-09-2017 Cluster and with the support of the EC, was held on the 7th March 2019 at the Albert Borschette Congress Centre (CCAB), Rue Froissart 36, 1040 Brussels, Belgium. It was a great opportunity to discuss the paths to the development of THz communications. The list of talks can be found here.


Date: 15 April 2019 to 18 April 2019
Conference location: Marrakech (Morocco)

ULTRAWAVE is coorganizing the «2nd Workshop on Economics and Adoption of Millimeter Wave Technology in Future Networks» within the «IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference» (WCNC2019) to be held the 15-18 April 2019 in Marrakech (Morocco).

Date: 25 October 2018 to 26 October 2018
Conference location: Valencia (Spain)

Antonio Ramírez, from Fibernova Systems, presented the talk  “Ampliando las fronteras de la alta capacidad inalámbrica” at the XXII Meeting of the ESNOG (Spanish Network Operators Group), which was held in Valencia (Spain) on October 25th, 2018.

Date: 17 June 2019 to 20 June 2019
Conference location: Rome (Italy)

The 41st PIERS (Photonics and Electromagnetics Research Symposium) will be held in Rome between the 17th and the 20th of June 2019.

Date: 18 September 2018
Conference location: Bristol (UK)

Research Associate Rupa Basu, from Lancaster University, presented Ultrawave technology in the event «Radio Technology for 5G – making it work» held at the University of Bristol, UK, on September 18th. Organized by Cambridge Wireless (CW), which leads the UK5G consortium, and hosted by the University of Bristol, the event included talks, presentation of current academic research on 5G and testings.

Date: 18 September 2018 to 20 September 2018
Conference location: Ghent (Belgium)

Ultrawave coordinator, Claudio Paoloni, participated to the panel «A Glance at beyond 5G» at the Crowncom 2018 conference (13th EAI International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks) which was held in Ghent  (Belgium) from September 18 to September 20, 2018.


Date: 23 September 2018 to 28 September 2018
Conference location: Madrid (Spain)

The European Microwave Week 2018 (EuMW) was held in Madrid (Spain). ULTRAWAVE was present at EuMW with a shared booth with other projects of the call ICT-09. This dissemination activity was very helpful to share ULTRAWAVE technology with a broad technical audience.


Date: 18 June 2018 to 21 June 2018
Conference location: Ljubljana (Slovenia)

The 27th European Conference on Networks and Communications EuCNC will be held in Ljubjana, Slovenia. This conference will include a Special Session “Terabit Wireless Transport for Networks Beyond 5G“, chaired by Ultrawave coordinator Claudio Paoloni. It will include the next talks:

  • Norbert Wehn; Onur Sahin, «Next Generation Channel Coding for THz and Tb/s Communications
  • Alan Davy; Luis Pessoa; Cyril Renaud; Edward Wasige; Mira Naftaly; Thomas Kürner; Glenn George; Oleg Cojocari; Niamh O’ Mahony; Marco A. Porcel, “TERAPOD: Building an End User Focused THz Based Ultra High Bandwidth Wireless Access Network»
  • Angeliki Alexiou, «TERRANOVA System Architecture Reliable and Scalable Tbit/s Connectivity to Extend the Fibre Optic Systems QoE into the Wireless Domain».
  • Claudio Paoloni, “Ultra Capacity Wireless Layer Beyond 100 GHz Based on Millimeter Wave Traveling Wave Tubes”.

Date: 04 June 2018 to 06 June 2018
Conference location: Unterschleissheim (Germany)

The CST European User Conference (EUC) will take place in Unterschleissheim, near Munich, Germany from June 4-6, 2018. Ultrawave coordinator, Prof. Claudio Paoloni, will give a plenary talk titled «Novel High Capacity Millimetre Wave WirelessNetworks Enabled by Traveling Wave Tubes».

Date: 18 April 2018 to 18 April 2018
Conference location: Barcelona (Spain)

Economics and Adoption of Millimeter Wave Technology in Future Networks

Organizers: Valerio Frascolla, Intel, Germany, and Claudio Paoloni, Lancaster University, UK

Panelists: Emilio Calvanese Strinati, CEA-LETI, France, Renato Lombardi, Huawei, Italy, Maziar Nekovee, University of Sussex, UK, Alpaslan Demir, InterDigital, UK, and Others TBC


Date: 07 March 2018
Conference location: Brussel (Belgium)

In the context of the exploratory preparation for the next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, the European Commission hosted an open workshop on TeraHertz communications on 7th March 2018. Ultrawave coordinator co-chaired the session «Physical layer techniques for THz communications». The materials of the workshop are available here.


Date: 15 April 2018 to 18 April 2018
Conference location: Barcelona (Spain)

CALL FOR PAPER Special Session Workshop: Economics and Adoption of Millimeter Wave Technology in Future Networks.
An industry panel on the “Economics and Adoption of Millimeter Wave Technology in Future Networks” will be held at the IEEE WCNC 2018 – IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference on Wednesday 18 April 11:45AM-1:15PM organized by Valerio Frascolla, from Intel (Germany), and Ultrawave coordinator Claudio Paoloni, from Lancaster University, UK. This special session workshop will aim to discuss topics from points of view not limited to technical aspects that are key in the deployment of mmW technology for the backhaul of the forthcoming 5G and further evolutions of mobile standards.
Panelists: Emilio Calvanese Strinati, CEA-LETI, France, Renato Lombardi, Huawei, Italy, Maziar Nekovee, University of Sussex, UK, Alpaslan Demir, InterDigital, UK, and Others TBC