European Conference on Networks and Communications – EuCNC 2018

The 27th European Conference on Networks and Communications EuCNC will be held in Ljubjana, Slovenia. This conference will include a Special Session “Terabit Wireless Transport for Networks Beyond 5G“, chaired by Ultrawave coordinator Claudio Paoloni. It will include the next talks:

  • Norbert Wehn; Onur Sahin, «Next Generation Channel Coding for THz and Tb/s Communications
  • Alan Davy; Luis Pessoa; Cyril Renaud; Edward Wasige; Mira Naftaly; Thomas Kürner; Glenn George; Oleg Cojocari; Niamh O’ Mahony; Marco A. Porcel, “TERAPOD: Building an End User Focused THz Based Ultra High Bandwidth Wireless Access Network»
  • Angeliki Alexiou, «TERRANOVA System Architecture Reliable and Scalable Tbit/s Connectivity to Extend the Fibre Optic Systems QoE into the Wireless Domain».
  • Claudio Paoloni, “Ultra Capacity Wireless Layer Beyond 100 GHz Based on Millimeter Wave Traveling Wave Tubes”.