KickOff Meeting

Wireless communications toward the 300 GHz

The Kick-off Workshop

10:30 14th September 2017

Management School, Lecture Theatre 2, Lancaster University

10:30 Registration and coffee
10:55 Introduction Claudio Paoloni, ULTRAWAVE Project Coordinator
11:00 Welcome Prof. Peter Atkinson, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology
11:10 Claudio Paoloni, Lancaster University, UK
	“H2020 ULTRAWAVE for wireless networks toward 300 GHz”

Invited speakers
11:25 François Magne, When-AB, France “5G evolution in millimetre wave spectrum”
11.40 Klaus Moessner, 5G Innovation Centre, University of Surrey.
	“Resource Management in 5G”
12.00 Renato Lombardi, Huawei Fellow and Head of Italy Research Centre, VP
	  Microwave Product Line, Huawei (via Webex)
	  “Wireless backhaul and fixed wireless access evolution trends 
	  and spectrum requirements”
12.20 13.30 Lunch

The ULTRAWAVE partners: a technology overview.
13:30 Antonio Ramirez, Fibernova Systems, Spain,
	 “Millimeter wave wireless demonstration platform”
13:40 Sebastian Boppel, Ferdinand Braun Institute, Germany,
	 “300 GHz Chipset for wireless communications”
13:50 Ralph Zimmerman, HFSE, Germany
	 “Millimeter wave micromachining and integration”
14:00 Viktor Krozer, Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany
	 “Millimeter wave components for wireless front end”
14:10 Marc Marillier, OMMIC, France
	 “D-band transceiver chipset fabrication”
14:20 Borja Vidal, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain, `
	 ”G-band hybrid radio-fibre optic architectures”
14:30 Ernesto Limiti, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy
	 “MMIC modeling and characterization above 140 GHz”
14:40 - 15.30 Panel session - Moderated by Claudio Paoloni.
	  “Perspectives of high capacity millimetre wave wireless for 5G network and access”
	  Panellists: Invited speakers and key scientists from industry and academia will
	  be invited to an open discussion with audience.

The project ULTRAWAVE “ULTRA CAPACITY WIRELESS LAYER BEYOND 100 GHZ BASED ON MILLIMETER WAVE TRAVELING WAVE TUBES” started on September 1, 2017. The kick-off meeting was held on September 14, 2017 at Lancaster University in Lancaster, UK. The meeting started with an open session to present the project and the partners comprising the ULTRAWAVE consortium. Several speakers, gave a talk about Wireles backhaul, 5G evolution in millimetre wave spectrum and resource management.  A panel session was held on perspectiveson of high capacity millimetre wave wireless for 5G networks. After the open session, the meeting focused on the planning of the first period activities.

The event  was broadcasted by Webex, please for info write to the Project Manager Mary English: