Cluster of projects of the call ICT-09-2017
All projects funded in the H2020 call «Networking research beyond 5G» are joining their forces to share information among themselves and collaborating in the dissemination of their results.
The Terahertz flagship iniciative is aimed at bringing together European research and industry communities working on THz science and technology to develop revolutionising technologies by allowing the exploitation of the unique properties of THz radiation.
TWEETHER – Traveling wave tube based w-band wireless networks with high data rate, distribution, spectrum and energy efficiency.
The objective of the TWEETHER project is to set a milestone in the millimetre wave technology with the realization of the first W-band (92-95GHz) wireless system for distribution of high capacity everywhere. Such a system, combined with the development of beyond state-of-the-art affordable millimetre wave devices, will permit to overcome the economical obstacle that causes the digital divide and will pave the way towards the full deployment of small cells.
Car2TERA: Terahertz sensors and networks for next generation smart automotive electronic systems
The Car2TERA project will focus of two areas of research and development: in-cabin radar and onboard, high speed data communications. To address the in-car radar needs, which is currently the fastest growing car sensor market, Car2TERA will exploit the benefits of sub-terahertz (150-330 GHz) communication.